Chapter 7 Bankruptcy For Individuals

Nowadays it is not unusual that some big company has bankruptcy experience. But, not only big companies can have bankruptcy experience, even small business companies with smaller investing are facing bankruptcy today. With last years economical crises all over the world, a lot of good companies are on the verge of collapsing. So, the only […]

What Does a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Do?

Filing bankruptcy can be a life changing process, where debts are discharged and creditor harassment stops. The benefits are too numerous to note in one article, but one common question concerning Chapter 13 bankruptcy is how exactly your lawyer helps. This guide will go over first what the lawyer does, how he or she helps […]

What You Must Know About Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney Arcadia

Before consulting with a Bankruptcy Attorney Arcadia, it will be helpful to know that there are four main types of bankruptcy: Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13. Only two, chapters 7 and 13 are personal bankruptcy options. The remaining two forms of bankruptcy, chapters 11 and 12 and for corporations and agricultural purposes respectively. The […]

Everything You Need to Know About Filing for Divorce on a Budget

Are you planning to file for divorce? Have you already filed the paperwork? If so, an unpleasant surprise for many couples is how expensive this can get. If you have a limited budget to work with, the tips here will help you get through your divorce without significant financial hardship.  Work Together  If it is […]

A Tax Lien on a Dischargeable Tax under Chapter 7

The effect of a tax lien on a tax debt that otherwise qualifies for Chapter 7 discharge can be huge. The Chapter 7 case would usually simply discharge that debt, so you would owe nothing. But if there’s a prior recorded tax lien, that lien survives the bankruptcy case. The discharge of the tax debt […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Handling Collection Calls

If you receive ongoing calls from debt collectors, the entire situation can be intimidating, frustrating, and overwhelming. While this is true, if you learn a few do’s and don’ts about handling these calls and take time to know your rights, you can take some stress out of the situation. Additionally, when you know what to […]

Money Problems: Signs It Might Be Time to File For Bankruptcy

  Managing your finances is one of the most challenging things you will do as an adult. There may come a time when a changing financial situation leads to your inability to pay your existing bills. In most cases, people in this situation will file for bankruptcy. Each year, thousands of American consumers choose bankruptcy […]

The Biggest Benefits Offered by Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Creating or updating your current estate planning documents, including powers of attorney, health care directives, trusts, and wills, is essential to make sure your wishes are honored after your death. It is also beneficial if you become unable to manage your affairs on your own. Today there is no shortage of DIY options when it […]

Navigating The Social Security Disability Insurance Application Process

Navigating the process of filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be an overwhelming experience for even the most system savvy citizens. The system is marred by typical delays that can create confusion that can lead to the applicant’s common mistakes that ultimately result in denied claims.  Denial Can Perpetuate Problems As many […]



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